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Using Integration with Other PBX Platforms

Business Telephony Smartphone Integration

ShoreTel RoamAnywhere Client delivers a single enterprise voice identity through its one number, one voicemail and one caller ID functionality that enables users to be reached anywhere through a single number, even when traveling overseas.




Desk Phone Global Access


Mobile workers get all of the capabilities of their desk phone — wherever they are on the planet.


Slash Costs by up to 80%


Support for a wide range of call handling features helps slash international roaming and data costs by up to 80%.


Easy Access to Directories


Users have access to presence-enabled corporate directories for rapid access to peers from the mobile device without needing to access other applications to find contact information.


Productivity-Boosting Features


Quickly and easily identify business and personal calls and manage a single voicemail to improve productivity.


Versatile and Secure


Available for a wide range of smartphones and tablets from Android, BlackBerry OS, Apple iPhone iOS, and Symbian S60.

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