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Consultation, Design and Analysis

Converged Network - Fiscal Impact Calculation


Providing our clients with an accurate and objective design & cost analysis of their network infrastructure is a highly recommended initial step when evaluating new technology upgrades, expanding the current architecture or if the objective is just to streamline and reduce costs.


When considering a converged network design, an intimate understanding of the existing network infrastructure and related operational costs is therefore essential if you are to fully evaluate the financial impact of the technology.


Working from existing client records and voice and data carrier bills, we are able to deliver a comprehensive evaluation of the incumbent design and associated operational costs, including topology maps.


This is then contrasted against a revised fully converged network design, which includes topology maps and associated operational costs.


The resulting design cost analysis is an essential foundation study when quantifying and planning or selecting products, services for a multi-site organization.


The core principle of all network resources becoming available to all network users regardless of geographical location is the underlying efficiency gain that becomes the fiscal driver for most multi-site implementations.


After 7 years of conducting these types of case studies, the findings typically have shown the attraction of the voice and data converged network design to be so fiscally compelling that many organizations are able to implement and deploy a converged high speed network including a fully integrated IP Telephony solution whilst retaining a positive cash flow in relative to their initial situation.


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Incumbent Network Performance Assessment


Testing your existing data network’s ability to successfully support Voice and Video traffic and discovering potential performance problems prior to deployment, Vip VoIP Systems network assessment will eliminate the potential for any sub-standard performance.


The assessment uses active application traffic to monitor the live network in order to reveal the performance characteristics. Test agents send a variety of network traffic packets – using different application protocols, packet size, packet spacing and QoS levels.



ShoreTel RoamAnywhere Client delivers a single enterprise voice identity through its one number.

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