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System Highlights


Multiple Call handling through single Direct Inward Dialed numbers (DID) 


With VIP VoIP System’s SIP proxy technology allows multiple incoming and outgoing calls through a single DID, eliminating the need for purchasing multiple incoming lines.

Web-Based System Management 


This feature allows users to maintain the system, add extensions or users, or change the behavior of the system, directly from an administrative portal accessible via a web browser.


Integrated conferencing 


A built in conference calling feature allowing multiple calls and participants with toll free US numbers and international numbers.


Remote Extensions 


Since an extension only needs an internet connection to work, extensions can be placed in remote offices or locations, and they will all work under the same system.

System Features

Automatic Call Distribution


This allows call centers to handle thousands of simultaneous calls, routing them to agents based on caller input, dialed number, load and other factors




Allows an extension to break into a call at another extension.


DISA (Direct Inward System Access)


The DISA feature allows a user get access to an internal dialtone from an external call and place a call as an extension connected to the system.


Hunt Groups 


Your ability to group extensions that can process specific calls.

Queue Priorities


Allows the prioritization of calls, when users are part of more than 1 queue. This also gives the ability to manage a large number of incoming calls and place calls in a wait list to be answered.



The GXP1760 offers a great addition to any desktop thanks to its sleek, high-end design coupled with a variety of productivity tools that keep users efficient and productive. It comes equipped with 6 lines, 3 SIP accounts, 6 dual-color line keys and 4 XML programmable context sensitive soft keys on a 200 x 80 pixel back-lit LCD display screen. For added personalization the GXP1760 features personalized ring tone/ring back tone music and integration with advanced web and enterprise applications as well as local weather services. It’s also one of the first Grandstream phones to come equipped with a Kensington Security Slot— one of the most popular anti-theft solutions on the market. The GXP1760 supports the fastest possible connection speeds with dual autosensing 10/100Mbps network ports as well as automated provisioning features with media access control.

VIP VoIP Systems

Introducing VIP VoIP Systems Hosted PBX


Whether you are a startup, or a growing, well-established business; the phone needs to ring.


With a low capital investment, a hosted phone system is easy to get up and running in a short period of time. Connect multiple offices, mobile devices and dispersed employees into one phone system.  Secure virtual local numbers in any city, regardless if you have a physical presence there or not. A professional phone system can provide any size business credibility, but especially a small business.


Our hosted phone solution can seemlessly scale along with your business and setup is fast and easy.  Home-based, start-up, well established, global or local, it really doesn't matter, every PBX from VIP VoIP Systems comes equipped with 100% scalability. Our feature-rich system will allow your small business to look and act like a big business, and it will allow your big business to pay like a small one.

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