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Multimedia Contact Center

Customer service level expectations are increasing along with the cost of hiring quality staff, utilities, rent and so on. In today’s multitasking fast paced world, our customers may wish to use diverse methods of communication to contact us; this dictates that we are capable of communicating across a range of media types with the customer.


The need to align the calling customer with the most appropriate human resource with access to pertinent data in the shortest possible period of time is essential; this will not only enhance the customer’s experience but also increase profitability and lower the overall cost of ownership.


Enter the ECC: built on the highly reliable voice capabilities of our unified communications system, the ShoreTel Contact Center solution efficiently connects internal and external customers to the right agent at the right time using Voice, Email or Web chat.


Demonstrable costs reductions and an improved customer experience will ensure the ECC becomes an essential asset to any organization tasked with providing consistent quality services to its client base.


The ECC is a proven solution for all types of enterprises: from smaller, less formal environments to larger organizations that require call centers with sophisticated routing and reporting options, multimedia, self-service and outbound campaign capabilities.

ShoreTel RoamAnywhere Client delivers a single enterprise voice identity through its one number.

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